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Everyone wants to look great in their clothes and wearing the right undergarments can make all the difference in how an outer garment looks and fits. Different prosthesis styles will fit differently in different style bras. Therefore, the most important thing before choosing breast prosthesis is to choose and fit the right size bra.

Once you decide on a bra style or design you have to know the proper size that proportionally fits your body. Measure yourself in the following manner to determine your appropriate size bra...

Consider height, weight, and figure style. If you are 5'10" tall and a 42-46 bra size, generally choose a C,D, or DD cup bra. If a size 34, 36, or 38 bra, choose a cup that balances the figure like a B or C cup.

After determining the bra size choose the size of form from the suggested chart below that corresponds with your girth and cup size. Note, different form styles will fit differently.

The proper size breast form is generally determined by the bra and cup size determined by the previous measurements. The fitting guide will help you choose the right size.

Look at the fit. both sides should match and the bra cups should cover the prostheses completely. The prostheses' top tapers should prevent clothing from sinking in. Each form should fill and not bulge at the top of the cup; plus, the forms should settle into the bottom of each cup. The straps should not cut into the shoulders.

If the forms are too big, too small, or do not fill where they need to fill, try another style or size of form.