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Do I need a special bra to wear with Breast Forms
Not necessarily what you do need is the correct size, In other words a bra that will cover the whole breast form with bits of it sticking out . The transform bra have special pockets within which the whole of the silicone form will sit comfortably without any danger of damage ot the form

Do not use Push Up bras under any circumstances
Push-up bras, on the other hand, will generally not work with breast forms, since they need to push something FROM someplace that it is attached. Unless the form is attached to the chest, this type of bra will have no chance to create the desired effect of enhanced cleavage.

Should I buy Braless Option or Non Braless Option Silicones ???
The choice is entirely up to you and how you intend to wear these silicones. The advantage of wearing braless silicones is that they can be worn with any bra you choose or even without a bra. They also wobble up and down just like the real thing. If however you do not like the idea of sticking Silicones ot your body than wearing these in a bra is the easiest and quickest wear of wearing Silicone Breasts. In fact if you buy a Breastform Bra they can simply be left in that bra after use.

How Should I look After my Silicones ??
Breastforms whether silicone or not do not need a lot of looking after. Foam forms will lose their colour a little but Silicones will not. The important thing with Silicones is however do not allow the outer protective layer to become damaged this will cause the forms to leak silicone. At which stage they are efffectively ruined. The important thing is to keep sharp objects such as brooches pins etc away from the silicones.

Do I need to wash my forms??
Yes you should wash your forms ocassionally. Use warm water and a very mild soap (possibly unscented dish soap). DO NOT use soaps with perfumes or moisturizers - one girl singled out Dove as an example of a bad soap to use. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry